Seattle Guitar Studio

Specializing in classical guitar instruction for over 30 years! Lessons work to broaden the student’s general musical knowledge while providing focused development of classical guitar technique. Teaching style nurtures creativity and engages students in musical experience through a conversational learning environment. Lessons are rooted in classical repertoire and later may branch out into more progressive musical styles. Weekly or biweekly lessons are encouraged, especially for beginners. Learn how practice becomes a daily rite of discovery. Private instruction with Matthew is available at the Rosewood Guitar in Seattle or online through Zoom meeting at $80 per 50-minute lesson via PayPal or Zelle.

Studio schedule: Sunday afternoon, Monday evening, Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday evening, and Thursday evening. The Studio is limited to 24 students, with about 16 advanced students (+5 years of study) and 8 students new to the guitar and music. Please inquire about Lessons and availability on the Contact page here.

Interested in understanding the science behind tuning led Matthew to co-author a paper with a physicist about classical guitar intonation. Meant for those in advanced studies, it explores the art of tempering (fine-tuning) a classical guitar. Chapter 5 illustrates the method Matthew uses to tune his guitar.

Classical Guitar Intonation and Compensation: The Well-Tempered Guitar

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